“Dare To Challenge”

We appreciate you are going to put AquaML to the test and we will not disappoint you. We have helped solve some of the toughest problems, but we are always up for the next challenge. Our “Dare To Challenge” report is free and has no obligation/commitments.  

As part of our Free Tier, you can expect the followings :

Data Insights: Data is core of everything, let our Machine perform data and feature engineering on your data. We will provide insights you may have never seen before, including 

  1. Exploratory Data Analysis
  2. Data Summary (Quality, Completeness and Score)
  3. Detailed Statistical Insights

Basic Visualization: Gone are the days of static graphs, even our basic graphs are interactive and dynamic. Get visual insights of your data on things like 

  1. Time Series Analysis 
  2. Anomalies and Outliers (Processed by our ML Models) 
  3. Relationship among variables that are critical for your operations 

Advanced Visualization: We at AquaML, never settle for less, and are always raising the bar, and hence we decided to include our Advanced Visualization also in this report. As part of advanced visualizations, you will receive 

  1. 3-D Visualization (one of many) 
  2. Relationship among variables 
  3. Correlations among variables

Predictions and Explanations: Well, wait a minute, didn’t we say AquaML is where “Water Meets Machine Learning”. We do use AI and ML for all the above deliverables, including predicting and explaining the outcome. As part of Prediction, you will receive 

  1. Outcome of 30 plus ML Models for up to two critical target factors 
  2. Actual vs Predicted value visualization and graph 
  3. Last but not least, we have the ability to explain the Why, the What and the How of our models