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  • Data Analsis
  • Anomaly Analysis
  • Batch Data Processing
  • Feature Engineering
  • Basic ML Prediction
  • Basic Visualization


  • Basic Free Plus
  • Limted Data Connectors
  • Web App
  • PLC/SCADA Integration
  • Basic ML Models
  • Advanced Visualization


  • Adopt Plus
  • 100 Plus Data Connectors
  • Real time Data Analysis
  • IIOT 4.0 and Sensor Integration
  • Advanced ML Models
  • Basic Simulation


  • Accelerate Plus
  • Advanced Simulation
  • Explainable AI
  • Digital Twin
  • Neural Network, NLP and Transformers
  • Edge ML

Our Four Phase Journey

We acknowledge and appreciate the advancement in Technology, and its adoption across the world, and at the same time understand and empathize with the challenges faced by legacy and aging water solutions across the world. Irrespective of your treatment plants current state, we know you are committed and aspire to transform. To address the need, we have four options that we offer to meet your unique needs and aspirations.

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Focus – Plants who are embarking on a journey to modernize, and currently have manual processing, limited data sets.

Outcome – Data  Management, Anomaly and Outliers, Time Series Performance Insights and Actionable Analytics, and basic ML models prediction 



Focus – Plants with SCADA/PLC and sensors to provide instrumentation,  symmetrical and asymmetrical data sets.

Outcome – Data and Feature Engineering, Anomaly, Root Cause Analysis, Predictive Insights, and ML model’s predictions 


Focus – Plants with advanced automation, Industry 4.0, MES and historical data sets, and core analytics. 

Outcome – Advanced AI including Computer Vision, Neural Networks based Predictions, ESG and NetZero Insights prediction 



Focus – Plants  innovating, applying cutting edge technology to be Northstar in Sustainable  Water Solutions 

Outcome – Digital Twin, Complex and Advanced Simulations, Model Drifts and Explainable AI


As part of our free tier, we can ingest your plant data and give you insights about of
  • 1
    Data Profiling and Quality
  • 2
    Feature Engineering
  • 3
  • 4
    ML Model prediction
  • 5
    Recommended Next Steps
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Compare All Of The Features

  • Free
  • Adopt
  • Popular
  • Transform
Features FreeAdopt
Data Assessment
Anomaly Reporting
Basic ML Prediction
Feature Engineering
Batch Data Processing
Real time Data Ingestion
Data ConnectorsLimited Connectors100 plus Connectors100 Plus
ML Models - On DemandBasicAdvanced MLAI including NN and NLP
ML Model UsageLimited UsageExtended UsageUnlimited Usage
Explainable AILimitedUnlimited Usage
PLC/SCADA Integration
IIOT 4.0 Sensors Integration
Portal Access
Full Scale IIOT Platform
Alerts and Notification
Experts on DemandLimitedDedicated
SupportEmailEmail and ChatEmail and Chat
Account Manager
Anomaly DetectionExplanationExplanation
Cloud InstanceSharedSharedDedicated
Notification and AlertsEmailEmail and SMSEmail, SMS and Phone
Digital Twin
featureBasic5 Years
Data RetentionOne YearThree YearsAll
Industrial Protocols Supported AllAll
Single Sign On
Secure Web Access
Security and Threat Analysis
Optimize Chemical Management
Optimize Dosing
Predictive Maintenance
Advanced Data Visualization
Imaging based Intelligence
Energy Management
ESG Compliance and Decarbonization
Operational Efficiencies
Edge ML
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